Overview of BDTI Services

BDTI services help business executives, product marketers, and engineers create and use embedded processors, software, and tools for computer vision and deep learning applications. Find out how BDTI can help you in your role.

BDTI helps executives

BDTI helps executives make critical decisions that strengthen companies and reward investors

We’ve helped hundreds of executives grapple with their thorniest technology strategy problems in the microprocessor, programmable logic, signal processing, and embedded technology fields.  BDTI services for executive decision-makers include:

  • Technology strategy. As an executive you face tough technology business decisions every day. What should your technology strategy be? Where should you invest? Is Company X the right partner for you going forward? Where are there market opportunities to exploit? BDTI's technology strategy consulting services provide the insights and perspective you need to make the right decisions.
  • Product roadmap. Should you proceed with that new project? Is your product portfolio the right one to bet on for the future? How will your competitors react to your new strategic initiative? BDTI's product definition service delivers analysis and advice to help you improve competitiveness and differentiation.
  • Corporate messaging. How should you present your technology strategy to investors? Does that new product announcement have the technical weight it needs to impress the market? Does your messaging ring true? BDTI's Sounding Board service gives you the technically informed, industry insider perspective that ensures your audience hears what you want to say—in the way you want it heard.
  • Due Diligence. Considering an investment or acquisition? BDTI can quickly turn around technical due diligence on your investment target.
  • Patent Litigation Support. BDTI helps both plaintiffs and defendants with patent litigation support, including prior art searches and invalidity contention claims.

With BDTI as your advisor you get a perspective that is:

  • Broad. By virtue of our position in the embedded processing industry, we’re always up to date on the latest products, trends, and technologies.
  • Deep. We’ve been at this for 25 years. Unlike some management consulting companies, we actually understand embedded processing technology—from gates and assembly code all the way up to the profit and loss statement.
  • Independent. BDTI doesn’t have a vested interest in selling you on a particular technology or convincing you of some predetermined point of view. As one observer said about our firm, “These guys make a living telling the truth.”
  • Trusted. Companies trust us with their most sensitive strategy questions for one reason: because we’ve earned it. Our track record is outstanding, and our repeat customer base testifies to it.

The bottom line? Better decisions. Greater profits. Less risk.

To learn how BDTI can help you give us a call at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web today. All inquiries are confidential.

BDTI helps marketers

BDTI helps marketers create more compelling products, grab customer attention, and win revenue.

BDTI focuses its experience, knowledge, and perspective on your marketing challenges, helping with product definition, market positioning, competitive intelligence, and messaging. BDTI's services for marketing professionals include:

  • Competitive analysis. How do your products stack up against the competition? Are they really as good as you think? A BDTI competitive analysis engagement helps you understand the competitive landscape in embedded processing.
  • Communicating product usability. Have a breakthrough new processor, tool, or development kit? Need to convince your customers that it actually works? A BDTI Custom Report helps you get the message across to even the most cynical of customers.
  • Messaging. That new product launch is just around the corner.... How's your messaging? BDTI's Sounding Board service ensures that it's clear, credible, and compelling. We help clarify and strengthen your product's value proposition and communicate it in a way that makes customers sit up and take notice.
  • Product design and review. Struggling to specify that new product? Worried that your product roadmap isn't quite right? BDTI's product definition service helps your company design new products and strengthen existing ones.
  • Communicating embedded processor performance. You know your new processor is awesome. Do your customers? If your company produces embedded processors or cores, BDTI benchmarking service will help you credibly communicate your processor's performance in a way that breaks through customer skepticism.

BDTI concentrates a wealth of knowledge and experience on your marketing problems:

  • Our staff brings years of experience in analyzing application requirements to give you new insights into the needs of your target market and enable you to define a winning product.
  • We apply hands-on experience with a wide range of existing products to help you gain insight into competitive dynamics, ensuring your product is properly positioned.
  • Our technical savvy and understanding of customer concerns enable you to create clear, credible, and compelling messages that will capture customer attention and win business.
  • Our wide exposure you get advice that incorporates the latest market developments, but our independent perspective ensures that the advice you get is what's best for you, not some pre-cooked position.

The bottom line? Better products. Better messaging. Better competitive intelligence.

To learn more about how BDTI can help with your marketing efforts, call us at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web. All inquiries are confidential.

BDTI helps engineers

BDTI helps engineers build better products—from processor selection to system design.

Our engineering services are based on 25 years of designing, implementing, and benchmarking embedded processing systems. BDTI has helped hundreds of companies with key engineering tasks like:

  • Choosing an embedded processor
  • Designing your product or system
    • Algorithm design and development. BDTI leverages expertise in applications, theory, and processors, to design and develop algorithms that deliver the functionality your application needs.
    • Software development. BDTI's experienced engineers can develop complete, optimized applications from scratch. We've worked on processors from ARM to Zoran, in C and assembly, on apps from audio to video and computer vision.
  • Strengthening your existing product or system
    • Design reviews. Need a second set of eyes on your design? A BDTI design review will improve your product and let you proceed on the right path.
    • Software optimization. We can make your existing code do tricks you never dreamed of. We apply our knowledge of algorithms and wide experience with different architectures to turn in jaw-dropping results.
  • Seeing how you stack up
    • Competitive analysis. Need an independent perspective on how your products stack up against the competition? A BDTI competitive analysis gives you a map of where you fit in the competitive landscape—and advice on what to do about it.

The bottom line? Better products. Less risk. Faster time to market.

To learn how BDTI can help you engineer better products, call us at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web today. All inquiries are confidential.