Technologies and Expertise

BDTI has deep expertise in a wide range of embedded technologies. If you have developed an embedded application, or if you are or developing a product—chip, tool, or software—for an embedded application, BDTI can help you reduce risk and build a better product.

BDTI grew out of the demand for expertise in digital communications in the 1990s. We helped companies evaluate and design processor architectures to meet the demand for processing in the switches, routers, base stations, and handsets that exploded into the broadband and mobile networks of today. From 2000 on, we grew more heavily involved in processing for multimedia applications—audio, video, and imaging—expanding our expertise from the one-dimensional processing of communications applications to the two-dimensional. Now BDTI has developed expertise in architectures and algorithms for computer vision—the intelligent analysis of image and video content.

Today, BDTI is focused on embedded processing technology for computer vision and deep learning, as well as particularly for audio and video.

If you are a semiconductor vendor and want to evaluate your platform for a particular embedded application, BDTI has the knowledge to help—please review our pages on Using Benchmarks to Design Embedded Processors and Using Benchmarks to Communicate Embedded Processor Performance. You may also be interested in a competitive analysis engagement to get an accurate read on how your products stack up against the competition.

If you’re a system designer and need to select the right processing platform for your communications, multimedia, or embedded vision product, BDTI has the application domain experience to identify the right choice. Learn about Using Benchmarks to Choose an Embedded Processor; you may also be interested in a processor selection engagement.

If your company needs to squeeze more performance out of your processor or add in more features, our software development and optimization services can help you make the most of your existing processing resources.

The bottom line? Less risk. Better products. Faster time to market. Higher revenue.

To find out how BDTI can help your company, call +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web today. All inquiries are confidential.