Processor Selection

The journey to a successful product begins with the first step

Selecting the right processing platform for your system design is critical.What's the best processor? You've put huge effort into defining a product. Now, you need to develop it quickly, with minimum risk. And you want to make sure you'll be able to build future products on the same platform, leveraging the work you invest in this one.

Your choice of a processing platform will have an enormous impact on the development of your current and future products. It drives development effort, cost, power consumption, risk, and scalability. There’s a lot on the table. To make a well-informed decision, quickly, get advice from the independent processor experts at BDTI. Contact us today!

By teaming with BDTI, you can make an optimal processor-selection decision, quickly. You bring detailed knowledge of your processing and system requirements and constraints. BDTI brings:

  • Broad knowledge of current processor options—to quickly identify viable candidates
  • Hands-on experience with dozens of processors—to provide insight into their true strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding of vendor strategies—to anticipate which processors are likely to remain viable for the long-term

BDTI is focused on processor evaluation. BDTI evaluates processors every day—we have analyzed hundreds of processing solutions for dozens of applications, from wireless base stations to toys. Vendor documentation never tells the whole story. We dig deeper, to discern real capabilities and shortcomings.

BDTI employs a methodical approach. In its processor selection engagements, BDTI:

  • Leverages 25 years of benchmarking experience to accurately assess performance
  • Utilizes relationships with processor vendors to identify unannounced processors and find answers to key unknowns
  • Extracts lessons from 25 years of hands-on development experience with dozens of processors and tool chains

With BDTI, you can expect:

  • A confident selection
    • Careful assessment of your requirements
    • Quick identification of candidates based on broad industry knowledge
    • Thorough analysis to uncover true capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Faster time-to-market
    • BDTI processor-selection projects are often completed in a few weeks
    • BDTI assesses processor development tools and related factors that impact your schedule

The result? Schedules met. Reduced risk. Better products. To discuss your project, call BDTI at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web.