BDTI High-Level Synthesis Tool Certification Program™ Results

High-level synthesis tools raise the level of abstraction for ASIC and FPGA designers, promising substantial productivity gains and high-quality designs. They also offer processor users the possibility of higher performance through the creation of custom processing engines. Do they deliver?

The BDTI High-Level Synthesis Tool Certification Program provides rigorous, independent evaluation of high-level synthesis tools used for FPGA design. The program evaluates quality of results and tool usability.

For engineers considering high-level synthesis tools, BDTI Certified™ results and analysis enable better, faster decisions on whether and when to adopt such tools. For tool vendors, BDTI's standard methodology for evaluating quality of results and usability is a proven means to create convincing evidence of tool effectiveness—and to attract customer interest.

Currently Available Results

BDTI Certified™ results from the BDTI High-Level Synthesis Tool Certification Program are currently available for the following products:

BDTI Consulting Services and Organization-Specific Analysis

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