Algorithm, Software, and Product Engineering

BDTI offers an array of engineering services to help you and your products shine:

Designing your product or system

  • Processor selection
    Product designers can make sure to choose the right processing technology for their product by engaging BDTI for a processor selection consulting engagement.
  • Algorithm design
    BDTI designs and adapts cutting-edge algorithms, tailored to customer needs, including speech, audio, video, computer vision, and deep learning.
  • Software development
    BDTI's experienced engineers can develop complete, optimized applications from scratch. We've worked on processors from ARM to Zoran, in C and assembly, on apps from speech and audio to computer vision and deep learning.

Strengthening your existing product or system

  • Software optimization
    We can make your existing code do tricks you never dreamed of. Through our benchmarking experience we know how to take advantage of a processor's architectural features. And our deep understanding of algorithms lets us turn in jaw-dropping results.

Designing and building systems that incorporate cutting-edge technology

  • Computer vision and deep learning
    BDTI helps companies incorporate computer vision and deep learning in their products. We have the specialized experience and expertise needed, from algorithms to software implementation.

Call BDTI at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web to discuss how BDTI can help with your engineering needs. All inquiries are confidential.