Using Benchmarks to Communicate Processor Performance

You’ve got a great new processor. Now, how do you convince your customers?

You can’t blame your customers for being skeptical. After all, they've heard the same story from one processor vendor after another. “They’re all the same,” your customers say. “They all tell me their processor is the fastest, uses the least power, and offers the best bang for the buck. How can I believe them?”

The answer? Clear, credible, compelling technical marketing—the kind you get when you have BDTI Certified™ benchmark results to show.

BDTI Certified benchmark results allow you to clearly and credibly communicate your processor's performance on real-world tasks that your customers care about. "Don't take our word for it," you can say. "Ask BDTI."

It's no wonder that we've benchmarked more than 100 processors and that our benchmark suites have been licensed by most of the top semiconductor vendors.

BDTI Benchmarks vary by application. Our most popular suite is the BDTI DSP Kernel Benchmarks. These indicate general performance on typical signal processing tasks. But there are also the BDTI Video Kernel Benchmarks, the BDTI Video Encoder/Decoder Benchmarks and the BDTI H.264 Decoder Benchmark for video applications, as well as the BDTI OFDM Receiver Benchmark and BDTI DQPSK Receiver Benchmark for communications applications.

To learn more about how BDTI Benchmarks can help you credibly communicate your processor's performance, call us at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web to find out which BDTI benchmarks would be the best match for your applications. All inquiries are confidential.