Edge AI and Vision Alliance

The Promise of Embedded Vision

The shape of things to come...

Microsoft Kinect
Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360, a gesture-based game controller
Mobileye driver assistance system
LiveScribe pen
LiveScribe Sky smart pen with synchronized notes and audio

Embedded vision is the extraction of meaning from visual inputs, creating “machines that see and understand.” Once limited to a few niche applications, embedded vision is now spreading into a very wide range of applications, including automotive driver assistance, digital signage, entertainment, healthcare and education.

For example, the Microsoft Kinect—with 3D motion capture, facial recognition and voice recognition—is one of the fastest-selling consumer electronics devices, with 24 million units sold to date. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Such highly visible applications are creating consumer expectations for systems with visual intelligence. And increasingly powerful, low-cost, energy-efficient processors and sensors are making the widespread use of embedded vision practical.

Consumers are ready. Processors, sensors, algorithms and tools are ready. But most engineers who could incorporate vision capabilities into products are not yet aware that it is now practical to do so. And there is a lack of widespread knowledge on how to build reliable vision systems.

The Edge AI and Vision Alliance (formerly, Embedded Vision Alliance) was formed to help developers of embedded vision systems and suppliers of embedded vision technology. Its mission is to inspire and empower product developers to incorporate vision capabilities into their products, by providing them with practical insights, information and skills. At the same time, the Alliance enables suppliers of embedded vision technology to connect with new customers and partners.

The Edge AI and Alliance is…

The Edge AI and Vision Alliance is an industry partnership that inspires and empowers product creators to incorporate embedded vision into their products. The Alliance achieves this goal by providing high-quality, practical technical education, information and insights.

The Alliance hosts a website at www.edge-ai-vision.com. The website provides a wealth of free resources for engineers, including product examples, technical articles, video demonstrations and discussion forums.

The Alliance also provides free online training. Offerings include training videos, technical interviews, downloadable code examples and other developer resources. Access is free to all, with registration.

The highly rated Embedded Vision Summit conferences, organized by the Alliance, provide a unique educational and networking forum for product creators.

The Alliance also raises awareness about embedded vision technology through interviews, briefings and contributed articles with industry publications worldwide, and through presentations at numerous industry conferences. 

Membership in the Edge AI and Vision Alliance

The Alliance is a membership organization comprised of leading embedded vision technology companies. Membership is open to all companies that provide technology and services to enable the use of embedded vision by product developers.

Member benefits include increased visibility to embedded vision product creators and the media; introductions to new customers and partners; exclusive briefings on market research, technology trends and standards; and increased influence over the direction of the industry. Alliance members are leading the growth of a new market, seizing new opportunities and increasing revenues.

To inquire about membership, go to the Alliance website. Or, contact BDTI via the web or by telephone at +1 925 954 1411 for more information.