Using Benchmarks in Designing a Processor

“We’re developing a new embedded processor and want to make sure it performs on embedded signal processing tasks . . .”

This is a challenge. You’d love to measure the performance of a real world application on your new processor, but the processor doesn’t exist yet. Besides, real world applications are big and complicated and take months to write. Worse, there’s no one real world application that represents all real-world signal processing tasks.

This is where BDTI Benchmarks come in. BDTI Benchmarks are easier to implement on your processor than a real-world application, and give broader insight into a wider variety of tasks. They will quickly help you learn how your processor stacks up against the competition. With that knowledge, you’ll have the understanding necessary to modify your architecture to improve performance. (And once you’ve done so, you’ll be well positioned to release clear, credible, compelling performance numbers when your processor is released—the kind of marketing that actually gets customers to buy your chip!)

The links below provide information on BDTI benchmarks that can help you design a great processor:

BDTI engineers can modify or customize these benchmarks to suit your particular needs—we can even create entirely new benchmark suites if necessary.

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