Services for Processor Vendors

Designing a new processor? Make sure it performs well, developers can use all its capabilities, and gets the attention you want.

BDTI enables processor designers to understand where they stand, demonstrate their products’ advantages, and ultimately win more design-ins. By working with BDTI, your company can improve processing performance and power consumption, ensure development tools are developer-friendly, strengthen messaging, and capture customer attention.

Improve processing peformance and power consumption with:

BDTI Benchmark results

  • Benchmarks
    Benchmarks are an integral part of the processor design process and BDTI is the trusted source for embedded processing benchmarks. In an ideal world, you’d measure the performance of a real-world application on your new processor, but there’s no single real-world application that represents all signal processing tasks. Here’s where BDTI is invaluable. BDTI has years of experience in the design and implementation of benchmarks to enable you to understand the performance of your design and make critical improvements before you tape out. One of our case studies describes a benchmarking project. Do you need reliable, credible benchmarks for your processor design? Get in touch with BDTI.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Analysis goes hand-in-hand with the benchmarking process. Once you’ve got your results, the next step is to understand what they mean. Here’s where BDTI’s 25 years of benchmarking and analysis are priceless. BDTI will help you understand how your design stacks up against the competition and enable you to credibly communicate its advantages to your customers.
    And if you find out that your design doesn’t perform as expected, you now have the data to improve it. You use benchmark results and analysis first for internal purposes, to validate design decisions and make improvements. Then when you’re ready, you can use them to position your product and demonstrate its capabilities with customers.
    Do you need to know where you stand? Contact BDTI.

Ensure software development tools are robust, developer-friendly, and efficient with:

  • Hands-on evaluation
    As processors grow more complex, tools must evolve so that developers can easily take advantage of their capabilities. Improving the usability and performance of tools will make it possible for developers to build applications of greater complexity. It will also reduce the effort needed to support software developers, reducing overall costs. Read how BDTI helped one company improve its tools for development of deep learning-based applications. Then, discuss your needs with BDTI.

Strengthen messaging and product positioning with:

BDTI expert analysts

  • BDTI’s Sounding Board Service
    Industry-leading semiconductor vendors have embraced BDTI’s Sounding Board Service, using its intensive, interactive format to strengthen product messaging and positioning. If you have an upcoming product launch, a Sounding Board session will make your presentation more impactful and clarify your product’s value proposition.
    Learn more about BDTI’s Sounding Board Service. Or, contact BDTI to discuss a Sounding Board for your product.

Capture customer attention and communicate your products’ advantages with:

  • BDTI-Branded Reports
    Customer skepticism is another barrier to adoption. Overcome this by presenting an independent perspective, clearly explained. Numerous companies have engaged BDTI for an independent analysis of their technology, followed by a BDTI-branded report. A BDTI-branded report is a technically credible and honest, user-oriented evaluation of your technology, carrying the weight of BDTI’s reputation for even-handed, methodologically sound assessment of technology.
    Interested in hearing more? BDTI’s reputation for accuracy and reliability can open doors and win customers. Contact BDTI to learn how a BDTI-branded report can help you. To see what we’ve done for other companies, download some of our reports.

No matter what stage of the processor design process you are in, BDTI can help you improve your design, ensure it is properly positioned, and show its advantages. Contact BDTI today for a confidential consultation.