Product Crucible—BDTI's Product Definition Service

Have an idea for entering a new market or leveraging a new technology? BDTI can help you solidify your plans by working with you on product definition or identifying "good fit" markets.

BDTI helps companies define new products or find new markets for existing technology, answering questions such as:

What features do we need in a chip for video surveillance?

We have a processor we developed for imaging. Could we sell it into the television market?

BDTI leverages...

  • Knowledge and analysis of application requirements
  • Hands-on experience with existing products
  • Insight into competitive dynamics help you create a winning product plan.

BDTI also helps companies test and strengthen their products and product plans, answering questions such as:

Is our new processor a complete product? Is it competitive?

How does our development kit stack up on out-of-the-box and ease-of-use? What will it take to make it best-in-class?

To go to market with the strongest possible product, companies need to:

  • Reduce risk—Does the product fit the target market?
  • Question the value of the product—If it's good, how do we make it better?
  • Assess the competition
  • Devise clear, strong plans for strategy, go-to-market, and execution

BDTI helps companies bring products to market that are strong, clearly positioned, and competitively sound.

To find out more about how BDTI can help your company, contact us by telephone at +1 925 954 1411 or via the web.