BDTI and Benchmarking

The embedded processing industry has relied on BDTI for accurate, unbiased benchmarks for 25 years. BDTI developed several suites of industry-recognized benchmarks that have been used to assess the processing performance, memory use, and energy consumption of dozens of embedded processors. With the evolution of SoCs—systems-on-chip—with an increasing number of processor cores, BDTI's benchmarking activities have evolved as well, focusing on system-level considerations.

Benchmarking continues to be a key component of BDTI's technical analysis services. The focus of our methodology is the design of benchmarks that will provide processor vendors and system designers with a fair and reliable comparison. For processor vendors, benchmarking can play an important role in processor design as engineers architect multicore SoCs and seek to validate their performance.  Vendors also use benchmarks in their marketing as they seek to quantify the efficiency of their products in comparison with competitors. System designers also rely on benchmarks to select processors for their designs. For both processor vendors and system designers alike, benchmarks provide invaluable information.

What are you trying to accomplish?

You’re developing a new processor and need to make sure it meets the needs of target applications

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Designing an Embedded Processor


You’ve designed a processor and need to credibly communicate its performance to your customers

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Communicate Embedded Processor Performance


You’re choosing a processor for an embedded application and need to make the right choice

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Choose an Embedded Processor

BDTI Benchmark Suites

Historically, BDTI's suites of embedded processing benchmarks were the industry choice for reliable, independent evaluation of processor performance on embedded applications. Since introducing its first suite of benchmarks in 1994, BDTI has benchmarked the performance of more than 100 processors for embedded applications. See the List of BDTI Benchmarks for a brief description of each BDTI Benchmark.

BDTI continues to leverage its experience and expertise in benchmarking to help processor vendors and system designers understand the capabilities of embedded processors. Call us at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web to discuss your needs and how BDTI can help. All inquiries are confidential.