Algorithm Design

Want to incorporate computer vision or deep learning in your application?


Leveraging expertise in applications, theory, and processor architectures, BDTI selects or designs computer vision and deep learning algorithms that deliver the functionality your application needs, while minimizing processor cost and power consumption.

Companies seeking to incorporate computer vision- and deep learning-based applications in their products engage BDTI to:

  • Select or design the right algorithms. Where it can, BDTI selects an existing algorithm and either uses it as-is or, more often, modifies it to meet customer requirements. In other cases BDTI creates custom algorithms to meet customer requirements. BDTI algorithm expertise includes:
    • Recognition and tracking
    • Deep neural networks
  • Optimize algorithms to match processor capabilities for:
    • Data types
    • Memory sizes and bandwidth
    • Computational resources

To discuss your needs, contact BDTI via the web or by telephone at + 925 954 1411.