Sounding Board—BDTI's Product Messaging Service

Got an upcoming product launch? A new product under development? An idea just beginning to form? BDTI’s Sounding Board Service™ can help you create more impact with your presentation, improve your product, and clarify your ideas and objectives.

Industry-leading semiconductor vendors and systems developers have embraced BDTI’s Sounding Board Service, using its intensive, interactive format for expert advice, industry knowledge, and critical decision-support services.

The Sounding Board is a one-day consulting session with BDTI analysts and engineers for:

  • Marketing—improve presentations, positioning, and pitches
  • Engineering—get feedback on processor, software, and system designs
  • Executives—gain perspective and insight for roadmaps and strategy

Engage BDTI for a Sounding Board session and see why one top-ten chip company executive has said, “I will never do another product launch without doing a BDTI Sounding Board session first.”

What is a Sounding Board session?

A Sounding Board session is an intensive, interactive consulting session that focuses on existing product positioning or messaging. A session is about five hours, structured like this:

  1. In the first hour or so, you present your material—it could be a briefing on a product, technology, or program. Two or more BDTI personnel (including one senior staff member) attend.
  2. After your presentation and some discussion of the goals, the BDTI team members confer with one another and coordinate their analysis and feedback. (BDTI recommends starting a Sounding Board session in the morning so that you may visit one of the nearby fine eateries at lunchtime while BDTI’s team performs its analysis and compiles its feedback.)
  3. BDTI will then present its findings, feedback, and recommendations. During this time, BDTI delivers its feedback orally and answers questions.

Alternatively, if the focus of your Sounding Board session is brainstorming, BDTI typically uses a round-table format. We will hash out ideas with you for up to five hours, and potentially identify opportunities for further analysis or collaboration. Brainstorm with us and you’ll come away with surprising new insights and exciting ideas.

BDTI always maintains strict confidentiality of customer-confidential information.

To find out how a BDTI Sounding Board session can help make your product messaging stronger, contact us by phone at +1 925 954 1411 or via the web.