Strategy Forge—BDTI's Strategy Consulting Service

Questions of strategy loom large. Where should you invest? Should you proceed with a given project, product, or program? Is a certain technology a good bet for the future? Is Company X the right partner for you going forward? How will your competitors react? What should you do?

BDTI can help you find the answers. From creating a new technology strategy to reviewing and strengthening an existing one, BDTI has helped dozens of companies solve their thorniest technology strategy problems in the microprocessor, programmable logic, signal processing, and embedded technology fields.

When it comes to strategy, BDTI brings perspective that is uniquely—

  • Broad. By virtue of our position in the embedded processing industry, we’re always up to date on the latest products, trends, and technologies.
  • Deep. We’ve been at this for 25 years. Unlike some management consulting companies, we actually understand embedded processing technology—from gates and assembly code all the way up to the profit and loss statement.
  • Independent. BDTI doesn’t have a vested interest in selling you on a particular technology or convincing you of some predetermined point of view. As one observer said about our firm, “These guys making a living telling the truth.”
  • Trusted. Companies trust us with their most sensitive strategy questions for one reason: we’ve earned it. Our reputation is unblemished, and our repeat customer base testifies to it.

The bottom line? Better strategy—and better results. Call BDTI by phone at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web today to discuss how BDTI can help you with the right technology strategy for your company.