Using Benchmarks to Choose a Processor

Choosing a processor for an embedded application is tough.  Performance, cost, power consumption . . . so many things to consider. BDTI Benchmarks cut through the confusion.

For a quick—and free!—overview of benchmark results we've published, check out our free BDTI Certified benchmark results, including BDTImark2000 scores. BDTImark2000 scores give you the performance of today’s most popular embedded processors on a composite of a dozen digital signal processing tasks. Performance, cost/performance, memory usage—it’s all there. (Did we mention it’s free?)

If your application is video-heavy, you may want to consider our BDTI Video Kernel Benchmarks, our BDTI Video Encoder/Decoder Benchmark, or our BDTI H.264 Decoder Benchmark. For communications applications we offer the BDTI OFDM Receiver Benchmark and the BDTI DQPSK Receiver Benchmark.

But maybe your application is more complicated than that. Or, perhaps you have special requirements. Don’t panic! We have years of experience with processor selection consulting engagements. Our staff can help you find the right processing platform by customizing existing benchmarks or creating entirely new benchmark suites if necessary.

One way or another BDTI can help you choose the right processing platform for your application. Give us a call at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web to discuss your needs. All inquiries are confidential.