Case Study: Improving Products and Product Announcements—Cost-Effectively

Submitted by BDTI on Wed, 03/18/2009 - 16:00

We all know that test marketing is the best way to see if a product meets buyers’ needs.  Household and consumer product manufacturers test their products with a select test market as a matter of course.  They use test marketing as a rehearsal for product introduction and to avoid disasters.  For technology developers and vendors, test marketing can be just as valuable, but finding the right test market can be tricky.  After all, the right test market is the target market—and when this is the case, there’s little room for error. 

That’s why companies come to BDTI—for a knowledgeable, objective, and confidential audience. For product concepts and designs, BDTI can provide critical feedback on performance, features and usability.  And for product announcements, BDTI ensures that the content is clear, credible and compelling. BDTI’s “Sounding Board” service is designed to quickly and cost-effectively deliver the insightful feedback companies need to succeed. BDTI’s engineers know embedded processing technology inside-out.  BDTI analysts have spent years tracking the industry—and listening to hundreds of product pitches. This expertise combines to give you the benefit of both deep technical expertise and broad-based industry savvy. And the good news for these lean times is that a Sounding Board session can be completed in a single day.

For product announcements, the Sounding Board service provides specific, detailed suggestions for achieving technical accuracy and clarity and for making the marketing message compelling to the target audience. In addition, the Sounding Board service often identifies product advantages that the vendor may have overlooked.

For product development, the Sounding Board service gives rapid feedback and concrete recommendations.  You can use a Sounding Board session to get a BDTI evaluation of your products, including processors, tool suites, and software IP. You can also use the service to develop ideas and guide decisions on product development, roadmaps, product marketing, and strategy.

Recently, a startup engaged BDTI for review of its product plan in a Sounding Board session. BDTI engineers and analysts examined the feature set and product roll-out plan.  In the course of the review, BDTI uncovered a serious threat to the success of the first-generation product.  To ensure that the product would be a winner, BDTI gave detailed recommendations on strengthening the product design and roadmap.

Sounding Board sessions are available at BDTI’s offices, via conference call, and via Web conference. To learn how BDTI can help you, contact Jeremy Giddings ( or visit

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