Case Study: Custom Benchmarks Lead to Successful Products

Submitted by BDTI on Wed, 12/17/2008 - 17:00

Processor and SoC vendors are always looking for the next “killer app.” To enter a new market, though, vendors face two key challenges. First, they must ensure that their product is competitive; and second, they must convince prospective customers of their product’s advantages. These challenges are tough to overcome in new markets due to a lack of well-understood application requirements and established benchmarks. In addition, it is often difficult to obtain reliable information about competing products.

BDTI recently worked with a top-10 semiconductor manufacturer to evaluate processors targeting the mobile application space.  While confident in the product, the marketing team was keenly aware of the intense competition it faced in this new market. To be sure the product would fulfill the promises made by its designers, the team engaged BDTI to perform disciplined, careful benchmarking. BDTI implemented several sets of industry standard benchmarks as well as a custom benchmark.  The standard benchmarks represented traditional application workloads, while the custom benchmark represented a key requirement of the new market.  BDTI used the benchmarks to evaluate the performance of the company’s product and that of a key competing product. Comparing the results enabled the company to understand how its product would fare against the competition and prepare for a successful market entry. The project was completed over the course of several months, enabling the marketing team to understand the product’s strengths and weaknesses and communicate its value to lead customers. With convincing evidence of the product’s performance, the vendor was able to secure significant initial design wins. The project also served to build the vendor’s confidence in its ongoing investment in the new product.

While BDTI is best known for its own highly regarded suites of benchmarks, BDTI also implements custom benchmarks for its customers.  BDTI’s custom benchmarking services enable processor, system, and system-on-chip companies to get important data on key application workloads.  BDTI’s expertise enables companies to make confident decisions and reduces the benchmarking effort required of their in-house engineering resources. BDTI has an outstanding track record of completing projects quickly and producing relevant and trustworthy results, enabled by deep expertise in processors and benchmarking.

Whether designing a new processor, selecting a processor for a new product, or making system architecture decisions, BDTI is in a unique position to help your company evaluate processors. To learn more about BDTI’s products and services, please contact Jeremy Giddings at +1 (925) 954 1411 or

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