Success Story: Designing a Processor Using BDTI Benchmarks

A leading processor manufacturer was developing its next-generation high-performance DSP processor.

The processor incorporated a variety of architectural innovations to enable high performance across a a range of applications. A key challenge faced by the design team was ensuring that the processor would meet its aggressive specifications.

To address this need, the processor developers employed three benchmark suites from BDTI:

With assistance from BDTI, the processor developers carefully optimized the three benchmark suites for their architecture, and verified functionality and performance by running the code on a cycle-accurate simulator.

The benchmark results showed one major surprise: in one class of algorithms, the processor was not achieving the targeted performance. Diagnosing the situation, the designers realized that one of the processor’s features was not correctly designed: it functioned correctly, but didn’t yield the expected performance. Having discovered this prior to tape-out, the designers were able to correct the error with minimal budget and schedule impact.

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