BDTI Success Story: Why A Major Semiconductor Vendor Chose BDTI Benchmarks

Cellular base stations are a large and growing market for powerful DSP chips—and also a brutally competitive market. Base station manufacturers demand ultra-high performance and ever-lower cost. Freescale Semiconductor set its sights on becoming a leader in this market. As a relative newcomer it was essential that Freescale quickly convince customers that its chips delivered the required performance; only then would equipment manufacturers invest their time in evaluating Freescale’s offerings.

Freescale chose BDTI Benchmarks™ to convincingly demonstrate the performance of its latest high-end DSP core. This was an easy decision, for two reasons: First, customers know and trust BDTI Benchmark results—for years, equipment designers have seen that BDTI results are technically reliable and truly objective. Second, a benchmark is only useful if you can use it to make comparisons—and you can only make comparisons if results are available to enable those comparisons. BDTI has a uniquely large portfolio of high-quality, independently certified benchmark results for comparison.

Freescale rolled out its BDTI Benchmark™ results through a series of press releases and presentations. According to Scott Aylor, General Manager of Freescale’s DSP business, “We experienced an amazing amount of customer interest in our products based on the BDTI Benchmark™ results.”

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