Engineering Design Review

You've finished your design.  Do you want to commit to building it without a careful review?

BDTI engages with its clients early in the design phase to help them create superior products. BDTI leverages 20 years of experience in using and evaluating chips, cores, software, and tools for signal processing to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with your design engineers, giving them feedback and perspective on the capabilities of their designs, identifying potential pitfalls, and suggesting improvements. BDTI’s understanding of the requirements of signal processing applications helps its clients improve their designs, address new markets, and grow their business.

BDTI has deep knowledge and experience at the nexus of applications and architectures for signal processing. BDTI clients leverage this in designing new products or modifying existing products to address new markets and capture more revenue. BDTI’s recommendations have enabled its clients to improve their products and increase their sales.

To discuss your needs for design review services, contact BDTI by phone at +1 925 954 1411 or via the web.