Case Study: Hands-On Experience Delivers Insights Into Technologies and Trends for Deep Learning

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One of the most interesting resources for those interested in the rapidly growing field of deep learning is the "Cognitive Computing Startup List," compiled by Chris Rowan of Cognite Ventures. As of February 21, Chris had identified 275 companies that are, in his words, "the most focused, the most active and the most innovative…." These were culled from various lists of companies that tout artificial intelligence and deep learning. Such companies number in the thousands—the sheer number is a clear indication of the importance of this technology. No wonder, since deep learning techniques are proving to be highly successful for a range of computing tasks where designing and programming conventional algorithms does not provide consistently reliable results. This is particularly true for vision-based applications.

For companies new to deep learning and looking for suppliers to enable new products, Chris’ list is a great starting point. But it could also be a double-edged sword if you want to move quickly—determining the right technology for a particular application or product takes time and knowledge. This is where BDTI can help.

The R&D group of a worldwide manufacturer of automotive technology recently engaged BDTI to provide a report on processors for deep learning. The customer wanted an expert survey of this increasingly crowded field so that it could save time and reduce risk in its own evaluation process. BDTI engineers, experienced in the uses and nuances of deep learning technologies, created the report, covering dozens of processor options. The report provided the customer with valuable information—identifying new potential suppliers and also uncovering processor features, supported deep learning algorithms and frameworks, tools, and other key details. With this information, the customer was able to move quickly to begin its own rigorous evaluation of the most promising and appropriate technologies for its applications.

This project exemplifies the value of working with BDTI:  BDTI’s insights are practical and actionable, informed by decades of hands-on experience in using processors, algorithms, sensors, software and tools for embedded applications. To discuss how BDTI can help your company, contact Jeremy Giddings at BDTI ( Or, stop by BDTI’s exhibit in the Vision Technology Showcase at the 2017 Embedded Vision Summit in Santa Clara, CA on May 1-3, where you can gain a deeper understanding of how computer vision is changing industries and business models, and learn about techniques and technologies for adding vision to many types of systems. Visit for details and registration. Readers of InsideDSP should register by March 15 with promo code NLID0314 for a 15% discount.

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