Case Study: Growing Your Business by Targeting New Markets

Submitted by BDTI on Wed, 05/25/2016 - 22:00

One key challenge for a technology company is identifying markets for its products. Let’s say you have an idea for entering a new market using your existing technology. How do you know if there’s a fit? How do you realistically assess your risk?

With more than 25 years of experience evaluating embedded processing technology, BDTI often helps clients assess and improve technology-market fit to define new products and find new markets.  BDTI understands the market trends and competitive dynamics that define the embedded processing landscape.  But BDTI also has deep, hands-on experience developing end-products across a broad range of embedded applications and technologies, providing unique insights into application needs and technology strengths and weaknesses.

In a recent engagement, BDTI worked with a company that had achieved success in audio applications to determine whether its technology was suitable for video applications. BDTI defined and executed a rigorous evaluation process to assess the capabilities of its the client’s technology, then compared these with the requirements of video applications broadly. When this step indicated a potential fit, BDTI dug deeper to explore specific applications for which the technology was best suited, assess characteristics of the technology that were advantageous for video application developers, and finally, recommend new features and functionality that would increase the likelihood of success.

This kind of knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail is what keeps clients coming back to BDTI for independent technology analysis. If you are thinking of expanding your product line or markets, you can count on knowledgeable, objective, confidential insights from BDTI. BDTI will leverage its uniquely broad market perspective, client-centric focus, and deep understanding of embedded technology to provide you with the insights you need for your planning and decision-making.

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