Case Study: Maximize Press Coverage of Your Product

Submitted by BDTI on Wed, 09/17/2008 - 15:00

Unless you’re announcing a laptop that runs off body heat or similar epochal breakthrough, it’s hard for technology companies to get media attention.  And when a product does get editorial coverage, it’s even harder to distinguish what’s true from the infomercials.  With every announcement claiming “better,” “new,” and “breakthrough,” what will grab legitimate attention?  One ingredient of a successful announcement, PR professionals agree, is compelling data.

In 2007, an early-stage chip company turned an engagement with BDTI into PR gold. With a foothold in the broadband wireless baseband market, this company sought convincing proof that it provided a higher capacity and more cost-effective solution than established vendors. The company obtained BDTI Certified results for its chip on the BDTI Communications Benchmark (OFDM)™. These results demonstrated that its solution delivered 40 times the cost-performance and 8 times the channel capacity of traditional processors. The company’s announcement was picked up by numerous news feeds and was the subject of feature articles in major industry trade magazines. A significant investment from a leading electronics manufacturer followed.

For BDTI’s client, compelling data from a respected, independent source lifted its announcement into the media spotlight.  BDTI benchmarks are widely regarded as the most technically sound tools for evaluating processing performance on signal processing applications.  The particular benchmark suite used by BDTI’s client, the BDTI Communications Benchmark (OFDM), is the industry’s first—and most widely respected—benchmark for embedded multicore processing devices. Designed as a multichannel benchmark, it has been used to evaluate an extraordinarily wide range of complex architectures for signal processing applications, including FPGAs, high-performance single-core DSP processors, multicore CPUs and DSPs, and massively parallel devices.

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