Case Study—Benchmarks for Tools, Software Libraries, and More

Submitted by BDTI on Mon, 08/16/2004 - 17:00

System developers often rely on processor benchmarks to gauge system performance. However, the processor is just one of many components that determines overall performance. Fully understanding system performance requires careful analysis of many other elements, such as code-generation tools and third-party software libraries.

Unfortunately, a host of factors can confound attempts to analyze these components. For example, it is difficult to prevent variations in programmer skill and style from skewing an analysis of code-generation tools. In addition, a system developer may not have time to analyze all of the available options. And, although processor benchmarks are available for a wide range of devices, it may be difficult to find reliable benchmark data for code-generation tools and other key technologies. This lack of competitive data greatly increases the effort required to evaluate these key system components. 
Although BDTI is best known for its processor benchmarking activities, BDTI also helps clients benchmark, evaluate, and select other key technologies for signal processing applications. These technologies include code-generation tools, off-the-shelf software libraries, and algorithms. BDTI’s extensive hands-on development expertise and its decade-long experience in technology evaluation enable it to analyze many types of technology efficiently and accurately. 
For example, BDTI has performed analyses of block-diagram-based code-generation tools for multiple clients. In these projects, BDTI employed a carefully designed methodology to evaluate the efficiency of the generated software. BDTI also investigated other critical attributes of the tools, such as ease of use and breadth and quality of supplied component libraries. 
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