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Submitted by Jeff Bier on Sun, 01/04/2004 - 22:00

CMP Media and BDTI are pleased to introduce Inside[DSP], an innovative new series of periodic supplements to EE Times.

Each Inside[DSP] supplement will focus on the digital signal-processing technology behind a particular end-equipment market. These will include product categories such as consumer audio and video, mobile multimedia devices, automotive signal-processing applications, and communications equipment.

“What?” you say, “Another trade publication? Don't these guys understand that I'm already swimming in more information than I could ever hope to process?”

Yes, we get it. But while there is more than enough information being published today, we find that expert insight and solid analysis are in short supply. If you’re like us, what you really want is intelligent guidance from a trusted source—guidance that will help you efficiently filter the massive stream of information (and misinformation) coming at you, and identify and understand trends that are critical to your work.

The Inside[DSP] series will:

  • Include insights from industry practitioners and analysts who know what they’re talking about.
  • Emphasize analysis, not unfiltered information.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity; we’ll keep it short and to the point.
  • Examine vendors’ claims with a critical eye, and with a willingness to highlight vendors’ failures as well as their successes.

In each issue of Inside[DSP], we'll cover essential topics such as:

  • End-equipment markets and trends.
  • Key enabling technologies and trends.
  • Vendors’ strategies.
  • Hard-won lessons from case studies.
  • Critical barriers to creating successful products.
  • Key developments worldwide, especially in vital emerging regions such as China.

Inside[DSP] is a collaboration of two organizations uniquely qualified to bring you the highest quality technology analysis. CMP Media is widely known as a leading publisher of respected trade magazines such as EE Times and Communications Systems Design, and as the force behind successful industry events such as the Embedded Systems Conferences. BDTI is the leading provider of independent digital signal-processing technology analysis; it has over a decade of experience producing authoritative works such as Buyer's Guide to DSP Processors.

BDTI and CMP Media are excited to join forces for the Inside[DSP] series. We promise to bring you insightful analysis that you won't find elsewhere.

We invite your suggestions and feedback. Please write to us at

Jeff Bier, General Manager, BDTI
Brian Fuller, Editor-in-Chief, EE Times

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