‘C67xx Gets Speed Boost, New Peripherals

Submitted by BDTI on Sat, 12/15/2001 - 20:00

On December 3, Texas Instruments announced three new members of its TMS320C67xx family of floating-point processors. The TMS320C6713, which is projected to operate at 225 MHz, will be the fastest of these new processors. According to BDTI's analysis, the 225 MHz 'C6713 will be about two times faster than its main competitor, Analog Devices' 100 MHz ADSP-21161.

The 'C6713 will contain a number of peripherals that target high-end audio applications. For example, the 'C6713 contains two "McASPs," or multi-channel audio serial ports. Each McASP supports up to eight stereo I2S channels and is compatible with the S/PDIF protocol common in audio equipment. The 'C6713 also contains two I2C ports, two McBSPs (multi-channel buffered serial ports), and general-purpose I/O.

(In September, TI introduced TMS320DA610, which has many features in common with the 'C6713. For example, both devices contain a 225 MHz 'C67xx core and two McASPs. However, the TMS320DA610 is intended exclusively for digital audio, while the 'C6713 also targets applications like wireless infrastructure.)

In addition to the TMS320C6713, TI also announced the 200 MHz TMS320C6711C and the 150 MHz TMS320C6712C on December 3. These new family members will effectively replace existing processors, the 150 MHz TMS320C6711 and the 100 MHz TMS320C6712. In addition to the improved performance, all three new family members are expected to be more energy-efficient and less expensive than existing 'C67xx processors.

The three new 'C67xx family members will be fabricated in a 0.13 micron copper process and operate at a core voltage of 1.2 volts. All three processors are expected to begin sampling in the second quarter of 2002, with full production expected in the fourth quarter of 2002. The 225 MHz 'C6713 will be priced at $26.85; the 200 MHz 'C6711C will be priced at $18.65; and the 150 MHz 'C6712C will be priced at $13.50 (10,000 unit quantities).

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