Case Study: How to Build Customer Confidence in a New Product

Submitted by BDTI on Mon, 07/04/2016 - 22:00

You know you’ve got a compelling story for your new product: it’s got unique features, addresses the requirements of multiple applications, and is supported by a full ecosystem. Now, how do you convince customers of its benefits and value? Earning customer confidence and trust is challenging for both small and large companies and can pose a particular challenge when your new product breaks the mold.

An effective way for technology providers to gain the trust of customers is through validation of a product’s value by a credible, trusted third party. This is why companies have turned to BDTI time after time. When Texas Instruments introduced its DaVinci product that enabled ARM-Linux developers to build multimedia codecs into their applications via APIs—without touching the DSP—they engaged BDTI. BDTI played the role of a typical application developer and independently validated TI’s claims, then published the results in a BDTI-branded report that was widely read and brought attention to a new class of product.

And when Altera needed credible third-party validation that its new design flow enabled straightforward implementation of floating-point DSP algorithms on its FPGAs, it too came to BDTI. For Altera, as for TI, BDTI evaluated the design approach enabled by the tools and validated both designer productivity and the performance of the resulting design. The results of this evaluation were also compiled and published as a BDTI-branded report. (These reports, and others, may be downloaded from BDTI’s website at

On each of these—and many other—occasions, BDTI, as a trusted, knowledgeable third party, enabled its clients to gain the confidence and trust of customers, winning business and, ultimately, revenue. When customers hear about a product from a credible, independent source, their view of the product typically strengthens. This increased confidence in the company and its product translates into increased customer opportunities.

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