Case Study: Developing Attention-Getting Demos

Submitted by BDTI on Wed, 02/22/2012 - 20:41

Your company just developed the most powerful chip ever.  Your job: to get customers interested in using it in their system designs.  Challenging?  You bet.  As fantastic as its capabilities may be, your little slab of black plastic looks pretty much just like those of your competitors.  Yes, the numbers on your brochure look great.  But, let’s face it, they’re just numbers on paper.  How exciting can they be?

To capture customers’ attention and engage their imaginations, what you really need is a compelling demo. Preferably, one that makes the value of your chip utterly obvious. Video applications are great for this, because they are inherently visual.  But how to whip up a compelling video demo when your in-house engineering resources are tied up or lack the relevant skills?  Easy:  Enlist the help of people who’ve done it before.

In a recent project, a chip company engaged BDTI to develop a demo of computer vision applications on its chip. Using a simulation model for the chip’s functionality, BDTI was able to develop and validate the demo before the chip was available.  Then, when the silicon became available, BDTI engineers integrated the demo with the hardware. Result: A compelling, real-time computer vision demo that speaks for itself. Because of its visual nature, the demo instantly captures peoples’ attention.  And the demo’s evident performance makes the chip’s capabilities and performance obvious.

Find out how BDTI can create an attention-grabbing demo to show off your new chip:  contact Jeremy Giddings, or phone us at +1 925 954 1411.

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