Case Study—Optimizing Presentations, Products, and Plans

Submitted by BDTI on Wed, 11/14/2007 - 17:00

The best way to ensure that a presentation is effective is to test it with a knowledgeable, critical, and responsive audience. A test audience can also help ensure that the content is correct, relevant, and appropriate for the intended audience. Just as important, a test audience can help presenters gauge the clarity, appeal, and impact of their pitch. After all, superb technical content serves no purpose if the audience loses interest a few minutes into the presentation.

BDTI analysts can become your test audience and give you the insightful feedback you need through BDTI’s “Sounding Board” service. BDTI’s analysts have hands-on experience with signal processing technology and have spent years tracking the industry—and listening to hundreds of product pitches. This experience makes them a shrewd audience with a unique combination of technical expertise and industry savvy.

The Sounding Board service provides specific, detailed suggestions for achieving technical accuracy and clarity and for making the marketing message compelling to the target audience. In addition, the Sounding Board service often identifies product advantages that the presenter may have overlooked.

Of course, snappy presentations only go so far; vendors also need solid products and well-thought-out strategies. BDTI recently added two Sounding Board services to address these needs. The first service evaluates products such as processors, tool suites, and applications. The second service helps vendors develop ideas and make decisions on product development, roadmaps, product marketing, and strategy. Both services provide rapid feedback and concrete recommendations from industry experts with a deep understanding of the issues at hand.

In one recent Sounding Board engagement, a reconfigurable hardware vendor employed BDTI’s services to refine a key product presentation. BDTI’s analysts made detailed recommendations on how to position the product for maximum impact and how to tie the product’s features to concrete advantages for users. BDTI also helped the vendor create a more effective and engaging press release.

Sounding Board sessions are available at BDTI’s offices, via conference call, and via Web conference. To learn how BDTI can help you, contact Jeremy Giddings ( or visit

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