Success Story: Analysis Leads to Design Win

What do you do when you know your technology is right for a system design but you can’t get the time of day from customers?

Systems designers and OEMs regularly engage BDTI for recommendations on technology selection. For example, companies often turn to BDTI for help in selecting an IP core for an SoC, a chip for a system, or a key algorithm for an application. Recently, a system design company engaged BDTI to assist in selecting an IP processor core for an application-specific SoC. The company had already contacted numerous IP vendors but had experienced significant problems. For one, although the company had requested specific information from each vendor, each one’s data was subtly different and it was extremely difficult for the company to make realistic comparisons. Further, the evaluation had to be finished within an extremely short time.

BDTI was able to meet the challenges. Leveraging its long experience in the independent evaluation of processor cores for signal processing applications, BDTI engineers quickly created a methodology for evaluating candidate processors. BDTI compiled an expanded set of candidates, using its extensive knowledge of the industry to include vendors that BDTI's customer didn't know of, and assessed their suitability for the applications. In short order, BDTI ranked the candidates and presented its recommendations, highlighting the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. The customer was pleased with the results and proceeded to negotiate a license for its SoC well within its target timeframe.

In this particular instance, BDTI’s success was a product of its experience in evaluating technology and its wide-ranging familiarity with industry players.

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