BDTI Success Story #247: Patent Litigation Support

Recently a large semiconductor company was accused of infringing multiple patents held by a little-known start-up.

The law firm representing the semiconductor company engaged BDTI’s services to help analyze the patents in question. BDTI was able to help the lawyers accelerate their work by drawing on a unique set of resources.

First, BDTI called upon its deep technical expertise to help the lawyers understand the technology covered by the patents—and the strengths and weaknesses of the infringement claims.

Then, BDTI was able to use its extensive historical knowledge of the industry (and associated document archive) to find numerous examples of prior art predating the patents in question.

Finally, BDTI tapped its far-reaching network of industry contacts to get in touch with several people directly involved in early technology development in the field, to answer key questions about which companies developed which technologies first.

In the end, the attorneys representing the semiconductor company had at their disposal a weighty body of evidence to use in the defense of their client.

As the value of intellectual property grows in proportion to the revenues of technology companies, the risks associated with IP increase as well. When faced with patent litigation related to embedded processing and digital signal processing, technology companies can turn to BDTI for expert technical advice. To discuss your company’s needs, contact us via the web or by phone at +1 925 954 1411.  All inquiries are confidential.