BDTI Industry Reports

BDTI has long been known for its groundbreaking industry reports, ranging from overviews of DSP tools, technology, and processors to focused analyses of particular technologies and chips for embedded processing.

Past BDTI reports include:

Industry and Focus Reports:

  • FPGAs for DSP, Second Edition
  • Buyer’s Guide to DSP Processors, Sixth Edition
  • DSP on General-Purpose Processors
  • DSP Design Tools and Methodologies

"Inside" Reports Highlighting a Particular Processor Family:

  • Inside the CEVA CEVA-X1620 and CEVA-X1640
  • Inside the Intel PXA27x
  • Inside the StarCore SC1200 and 1400
  • Inside the Hitachi/STMicroelectronics SH4/ST40 and SH5/ST50
  • Inside the ARM ARM7, ARM9, and ARM9E
  • Inside the Hitachi SH-DSP and SH3-DSP
  • Inside the Analog Devices/Intel MSA

Although we still produce BDTI-branded Custom Reports, we no longer actively author or sell industry reports. Instead, we concentrate on delivering detailed, credible analysis for marketing and engineering organizations via client consulting engagements. If you are a systems designer seeking to understand options for processing in a new product, BDTI can deliver reliable recommendations through our Processor Selection service.

Please call us at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web if you are interested in purchasing one of our historical industry reports.