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One key challenge for a technology company is identifying markets for its products. Let’s say you have an idea for entering a new market using your existing technology. How do you know if there’s a fit? How do you realistically assess your risk? With more than 25 years of experience
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ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) are rapidly being incorporated into automobiles and other vehicles, as products unveiled at January's North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan made clear. Just a few short years ago, passive collision warning and active collision
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In May 2014 , Synopsys expanded its ARC EM licensable processor core product line, which BDTI described as historically being "vanilla" Harvard architecture CPUs with no DSP-optimized features, via the addition of the digital signal processing pipeline-equipped EM5D and EM7D
Today's smartphones are technological marvels that deliver an extraordinary range of capabilities from GPS-based navigation to sophisticated photography. But sometimes we just want to make a phone call. And particularly when we're on the move, who hasn't struggled to hear the other
Sensory's TrulyHandsFree software, which InsideDSP last covered at its v3 introduction in early 2013 , precedes limited-vocabulary speech recognition with voice detection involving a specific key word or phrase. And with latest version 4.0 , Sensory adopts convolutional (i.e. "deep
The SHARC DSP family has long been a design staple of mid-range and high-end audio, industrial and other digital signal-processing intensive applications. With its two new series of products , Analog Devices delivers dual-core SHARC to the market for the first time. And the ADSP-SC58x devices also
The "Internet of Things" (IoT), one of the hottest topics in technology today, is widely anticipated to be a notable driver of both semiconductor and software demand in coming years. Key to an understanding of the IoT opportunity, as a recent article published on the Embedded Vision
Portable electronics devices are incorporating increasingly sophisticated multimedia capabilities, while at the same time striving to meet tough size, weight, battery life and cost requirements. Recently, a BDTI client launched a design for a new portable multimedia system requiring billions of
At January's CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Cadence showed that has picked up the baton and continued the pace of acquired company Tensilica by announcing the eleventh generation of the Xtensa configurable processor architecture. First unveiled in 1999, Xtensa has received evolutionary
Qualcomm recently opened up the QDSP6 (aka "Hexagon") DSP core in its Snapdragon SoCs to programming access by its customers and software developer partners. Multimedia applications, for example, can benefit from leveraging QDSP6 processing resources , boosting overall performance,