Want computer vision in your product?

BDTI will select the right processor, create vision algorithms, and meet tough performance, power, and cost targets.

Designing a new processor?

BDTI will show you how you stack up against the competition, give you credible data to prove your product’s advantages, and help you score more design wins.

Developing a new product?

BDTI will identify the best processor for your product, design a cost-effective system, and optimize your software for power and performance.

#1 Software

Better Embedded Applications

BDTI optimizes embedded software applications for performance and power.

#2 White Papers

Win Customer Attention

Use a BDTI-branded report to gain credibility and customers

#3 EVA

resources for engineers

Training, tools, and information for embedded computer vision applications.

#4 Inside DSP

Insights into technology and trends

Cadence's Tensilica Fusion: DSP for the IoT