Want computer vision in your product?

BDTI will select the right processor, create vision algorithms, and meet tough performance, power, and cost targets.

Designing a new processor?

BDTI will show you how you stack up against the competition, give you credible data to prove your product’s advantages, and help you score more design wins.

Developing a new product?

BDTI will identify the best processor for your product, design a cost-effective system, and optimize your software for power and performance.

Resources for deep learning

Understand how deep learning can be implemented for your application.

2016 Embedded Vision Summit

The event for innovators who want to bring visual intelligence into products

#1 Caffe Workshop

Tutorial on Deep Learning

Learn to use convolutional neural networks and the Caffe framework for deep learning

#2 White Papers

BDTI-Branded Reports

Read the latest on using OpenCL with the Qualcomm Adreno GPU.

#3 EVA

resources for engineers

Training, tools, and information for computer vision applications.

#4 Inside DSP

Technology and trends

Imagination intros processor for computer vision. NVIDIA's focus on automotive. Will deep learning help edit home videos?