Free Resources Provided by BDTI

BDTI is pleased to provide the following free resources to the embedded processing community:

If there are other resources you'd like to see listed here, please contact us.


  • BDTI’s InsideDSP. Blog with news and commentary on the world of embedded signal processing.
  • BDTI Benchmark Results. BDTImark2000™, BDTIsimMark2000™, and BDTImemMark2000™ scores—single-number, summary measures of DSP speed and memory use.
  • BDTI’s Pocket Guide to Embedded Processors. An independent guide to processing engines for embedded applications, containing key features of 64 different families of the most popular processing devices used in embedded applications—DSP processors, CPUs, microcontrollers, and FPGAs—from 18 vendors.
  • BDTI’s DSP Dictionary. A dictionary of common digital signal processing and DSP processor terms.
  • BDTI Publications and Presentations. An archive of summary reports, white papers, trade magazine articles, and conference presentations we've published or presented since 1993.
  • Comp.dsp FAQ. FAQ for the Usenet newsgroup, comp.dsp.