BDTI helps marketers create more compelling products, grab customer attention, and win revenue

The bottom line?  Better products.  Better messaging.  Better competitive intelligence.

BDTI focuses its experience, knowledge, and perspective on your marketing challenges, helping with product definition, market positioning, competitive intelligence, and messaging.  BDTI's services for marketing professionals include:

Marketers work out new messaging

  • Messaging.  That new product launch is just around the corner ... how's your messaging?  BDTI's Sounding Board service ensures that it's clear, credible, and compelling.  We help clarify and strengthen your product's value propositions and communicate them in a way that makes customers sit up and take notice.
  • Communicating embedded processor performance.  You know your new processor is awesome.  Do your customers?  If your company produces embedded processors or cores, BDTI Benchmarks help you break through customer skepticism.
  • Communicating product usability.  Have a breakthrough new processor, tool, or development kit?  Need to convince your customers that it actually works?  A BDTI-branded White Paper helps you get the message across to even the most cynical of customers.
  • Product design and review.  Struggling to specify that new product? Worried that your product roadmap isn't quite right? BDTI's Product Crucible service helps your company design new products and strengthen existing ones.
  • Competitive analysis.  How do your products stack up against the competition?  Are they really as good as you think?  A BDTI competitive analysis engagement helps you understand the competitive landscape in embedded processing.

BDTI concentrates a wealth of knowledge and experience on your marketing problems:

  • Our staff brings years of experience in analyzing application requirements to give you new insights into the needs of your target market and enable you to define a winning product.
  • We apply hands-on experience with a wide range of existing products to help you gain insight into competitive dynamics, ensuring your product is properly positioned.
  • Our technical savvy and understanding of customer concerns enable you to create clear, credible, and compelling messages that will capture customer attention and win business.
  • With our wide exposure you get advice that incorporates the latest market developments ... but our independent perspective ensures that the advice you get is what's best for you, not some pre-cooked position.

The bottom line?  Better products.  Better messaging.  Better competitive intelligence.

To learn more about how BDTI can help with your marketing efforts, call us at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web.  All inquiries are confidential.