BDTI Technical Competencies: Imaging

Image processing—that is, pixel-level processing of data from a camera or other imagery source—is a key technology in many applications.

BDTI has built a strong track record in image processing over the last 20 years.  On the systems side, BDTI has designed and implemented image processing systems for end-user applications in both hardware and software.  For processor providers we have provided analysis and advice on processor architectures and features to best support image processing.

If you’re interested in image processing technology, you may also be interested in video and embedded vision technology, as well as the BDTI Video Kernel Benchmarks and  BDTI Video Encoder/Decoder Benchmarks.

Some example BDTI image processing projects include:

  • Advised a major semiconductor manufacturer on the design and architecture of a new image display processor.
  • Delivered an FPGA design and implementation of a customer-provided color-enhancement algorithm. 

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