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Advances in technology are making science fiction a reality—today. With the incredible power and low cost of new processors, programmable logic, and digital video cameras, it is now possible to add computer vision to nearly any product—scientific, medical, industrial, and consumer. Whether it’s a toy that can “see” and recognize objects, a video camera that can count the number and type of people in a scene, or an industrial system that visually inspects products for defects, computer vision can enable unheard-of new functionality in your product, letting you tackle new markets and seize new opportunities.

But like most new technologies, computer vision demands a special skill set. At the heart of computer vision is signal processing: signal processing is used at the pixel level to extract objects from pixels, and signal processing is used at the object level to track, evaluate, and “understand” the behavior of objects. For the specialized experience and expertise needed for computer vision, you can rely on BDTI.

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Where we can help

What's the best processor for computer vision?Computer vision processor selection

Make an optimal processor-selection decision, quickly, with BDTI. You bring detailed knowledge of your requirements and constraints. BDTI brings:
  • Broad knowledge of current processing platform options—to quickly identify viable candidates
  • Hands-on experience with dozens of processors—chips, cores, programmable logic, and others—to provide insight into their true strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding of vendor strategies—to anticipate which processors are likely to remain viable for the long-term

Computer vision algorithm design

Get the right algorithm for your application. BDTI will:
  • Draw on its knowledge of digital signal processing and computer vision fundamentals to design and implement an algorithm that meets your requirements
  • Ensure the algorithm can be efficiently implemented on your processor

Computer vision software implementation and optimization

Software engineering is BDTI’s core competency. BDTI leverages expertise in architectures and algorithms developed through decades of work with digital signal processing applications. And, whenever possible, BDTI performs optimization at multiple levels, including:
  • Designing a software architecture and data flow to take maximum advantage of processor resources
  • Selecting appropriate data types to avoid wasting precious resources
  • Modifying, substituting, or combining algorithms
  • Mapping the chosen algorithms into processor instructions cleanly and efficiently, using the most appropriate languages and tools capabilities.

Design and implementation of deep learning

Deep learning techniques—often implemented via neural network processing frameworks such as convolutional neural networks or “CNNs” and deep neural networks or "DNNs"—are rapidly becoming a key technology for computer vision.

Need to understand how deep learning could be implemented through a neural network in your application? BDTI can help. BDTI has years of experience in creating and optimizing algorithms to run efficiently on a wide variety of processing platforms.

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Our team and track record

BDTI’s team of engineers has years of experience building complex, reliable, and low-cost signal processing systems, including computer vision applications. We will work with you to understand your application, identify your requirements, select the best technology—hardware and software—and then design and build your system. We can work closely with your existing engineering team, handling only the computer vision portion of the design, or we can execute a complete turn-key project, delivering a complete, finished system. We can use existing IP or develop custom algorithms for your application.

Our track record includes:

  • This software detects pedestrians in a crosswalk Prototyping of computer-vision-based pedestrian detection and road sign recognition algorithms for automotive applications. Built for a major semiconductor company using a hybrid ARM/FPGA processing platform. (In the image at right, the software identifies a pedestrian in the “danger zone” and marks him with a red box. A pedestrian outside the “danger zone” is indicated by a green box.)
  • For a scientific instrumentation company BDTI developed a mathematical model for a vision-based feedback control system, shaving weeks off the company’s development time and enabling the company to improve throughput of its equipment.
  • This machine counts dice faster than you can! For a global processor vendor, a complete demonstration system for a new processor targeting industrial machine vision applications. The demo shows the usefulness of a new, unique processor architecture that incorporates a configurable vision processing pipeline. (Read about the demo.)
  • Highly efficient image processing algorithms that applied sophisticated visual effects to digital photographs, using an ultra-low-cost embedded processor. This sophisticated functionality enabled the customer to build a toy smart camera.
  • For testing high-level synthesis tools, BDTI designed and implemented a complex, demanding optical flow algorithm, used to detect apparent motion in an HD video stream.
  • Watch videos of BDTI demos shown at the 2013 Embedded Vision Summit, one its “dice counting” demo that employs edge detection and other computer vision techniques to count dots on dice quicker than a human possible could, and the other a color-based object detection algorithm running on a mobile application processor from Qualcomm.
  • At the 2015 Embedded Vision Summit, BDTI showed two demos, one using background subtraction techniques on a Qualcomm application processsor and the other using motion-based object detection combined with augmented reality effects.

BDTI can design a computer vision-enabled product or add vision capabilities to your products faster and with less risk than you may have thought possible. And that translates to faster time to market and increased revenue! Contact us today to discuss how computer vision can enhance your products.

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