Product Design and Development

Developing a new product? BDTI helps companies design and develop products in less time, with less risk.

Electronic products are growing increasingly complex, relying on a mix of specialized hardware and software technologies. Designing and building a cost-effective, highly differentiated product in a timely manner demands a combination of unique skills. Companies that need specific skills and expertise can engage BDTI to reduce risk and time-to-market.

BDTI speeds product design and development and ensures success with:

  • Processor selection
    BDTI leverages 20+ years of technology evaluation to quickly identify the best candidates for your product, give you the benefit of unique insights into processors’ strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with an understanding of processor vendor strategies and roadmaps. Need to find the right processor for your product? Talk to BDTI.
  • Feasibility evaluation
    You’ve got a great idea and a plan to implement it. BDTI can examine the features and evaluate the feasibility of your plan, brainstorming with you to revise, refine, and improve it. Wouldn’t you like to improve the odds of success? Set up a consultation with BDTI.
  • Design review
    You’re well into your design. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to get an independent review? BDTI has worked with dozens of systems for embedded signal processing applications. Our extensive experience in algorithms, architectures, applications enables us to deliver feedback that can improve your product, speed development, and lower risk. Talk to BDTI .
  • Software implementation/optimization
    Implementation of highly optimized software for embedded signal processing applications is BDTI’s core competency. We leverage expertise in architectures and algorithms developed through decades of work with digital signal processing applications, including audio, video, speech, computer vision, and sensor integration.
    BDTI engineers have detailed, hands-on knowledge of a wide range of processor architectures, including CPUs with SIMD capabilities (such as ARM NEON), DSPs (including the Hexagon DSP used in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors), GPUs (including the use of CUDA and OpenCL), FPGAs, and numerous highly specialized architectures. And, we have extensive experience mapping algorithms and applications onto mobile application processors and other heterogeneous architectures. To ensure your product makes the best use of your processor resources, engage BDTI.

BDTI has helped dozens of companies design and develop products in less time, with less risk. We are committed to the relentless pursuit of our clients’ success. Get BDTI on your team. Contact us for a confidential consultation today!