Overview of BDTI Engineering Services

Whether you’re designing a new embedded processor chip or a new end product that uses embedded processors, BDTI offers an array of engineering services to help you and your products shine:

Choosing an embedded processor

Designing your product or system

  • Turnkey system design. We can take your idea from concept to finished product, handling both the hardware and software.
  • Software development. BDTI's experienced engineers can develop complete, optimized applications from scratch. We've worked on processors from ARM to Zoran, in C and assembly, on apps from audio to video.
    BDTI is a member of Qualcomm’s QDSP Access Program, enabling BDTI to provide software services to algorithm developers that want their software running on a Qualcomm chipset. Membership in the QDSP Access Program gives BDTI access to tools and resources to implement multimedia applications on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.
  • Computer vision system design services. You’d be surprised at the value vision can add to systems. Our team of experts can can add computer vision and video analytics to your products faster and with less risk than you may have thought possible. If you want your product to “see,” consult with BDTI.

Strengthening your existing product or system

  • Design reviews.  Need a second set of eyes on your design? A BDTI design review will improve your product and let you proceed on the right path.
  • Software optimization. We can make your existing code do tricks you never dreamed of. Our benchmarking knowledge and wide experience with different architectures and algorithms lets us turn in jaw-dropping results.

Seeing how you stack up

  • Competitive analysis. Need an independent perspective on how your products stack up against the competition? A BDTI competitive analysis gives you a map of where you fit in the competitive landscape—and advice on what to do about it.

Call BDTI at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web to discuss how BDTI can help with your engineering requirements.  All inquiries are confidential.