BDTI Technical Competencies: Video

Video processing— that is, frame-rate processing of data from a video camera or other source—is a key technology in applications ranging from consumer (set-top boxes, multimedia-enabled cell phones, surveillance cameras, and video conferencing systems) to military/aerospace.

BDTI has long been involved with video processing technology.  For processor platform vendors and end-system designers alike, BDTI offers several suites of video benchmarks to assess processor performance on key video applications:

  • The BDTI Video Kernel Benchmarks are a collection of six key video-oriented benchmarks that give an overall indication of processor performance on a range of video processing tasks.
  • The BDTI Video Encoder/Decoder Benchmarks provide insight into a processor’s performance on specific video compression and decompression workloads.
  • The BDTI H.264 Decoder Benchmark provides apples-to-apples comparisons of H.264 video processing performance figures at several well-defined operating points.

BDTI also performs custom development, advisory, and analysis projects for video processing technology.  Example projects include:

  • For a video technology company, BDTI created highly optimized implementations of a proprietary video codec on ARM and x86 platforms
  • For a streaming media provider, optimized a set-top-box video encoder and decoder running on a MIPS-based architecture

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