BDTI Technical Competencies: Processors

BDTI has extensive experience with most every processing platform used for embedded processing:

  • Digital signal processors (DSPs)
  • Embedded microprocessors (e.g., ARM, MIPS, x86) and licenseable cores
  • FPGAs

We’ve programmed virtually every DSP and embedded processor architecture—in C, C++, and hand-coded assembly language.  We were among the first to praise the virtues of FPGAs for DSP; we’ve developed on them using HDL and, more recently, high-level synthesis tools.

BDTI’s processor-related services include:

Choosing an embedded processor

Designing your product or system

  • Turnkey system design. We can take your idea from concept to finished product, handling both the hardware and software.
  • Software development. BDTI’s experienced engineers can develop complete, optimized applications from scratch. We’ve worked on processors from ARM to Zoran, in C and assembly, on apps from audio to video.
  • FPGA design. Our services include hardware design, especially using FPGAs. We are intimately familiar with the latest FPGA high-level synthesis tools from a variety of vendors—allowing us to execute complex, high-performance designs in a fraction of the time required by conventional HDL-based design.

Strengthening your existing product or system

  • Design reviews.  Need a second set of eyes on your design? A BDTI design review will improve your product and let you proceed on the right path.
  • Software optimization. We can make your existing code do tricks you never dreamed of. Our benchmarkng knowledge and wide experience with different architectures and algorithms lets us turn in jaw-dropping results.

Seeing how you stack up

  • Competitive analysis. Need an independent perspective on how your products stack up against the competition? A BDTI competitive analysis gives you a map of where you fit in the competitive landscape—and advice on what to do about it.

If you need something done with a processor that involves signal processing, we’re confident we can help.  Call us at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web to discuss your processor needs.  All inquiries are confidential.