BDTI Technical Competencies: FPGAs

FPGAs—field programmable gate arrays—are among the most rapidly growing processing platforms for high-performance signal processing applications. As FPGA technology has grown in complexity and sophistication, its uses have spread. FPGAs are now used in a wide range of applications where performance and parallelism are important. Such applications include digital signal processing, software-defined radio, aerospace and defense systems, ASIC prototyping, medical imaging, computer vision, speech recognition, cryptography, bioinformatics, computer hardware emulation, radio astronomy, metal detection and a growing range of other areas.

BDTI’s involvement with FPGAs stems from early work in evaluating these devices for communications infrastructure applications. BDTI engineers have experience with the use of FPGAs in a growing number of applications, including communications, computer vision, and video processing. BDTI has demonstrated the efficiency of FPGAs for demanding signal processing applications in competitive analysis, proving the cost-performance benefits of this type of processing architecture in comparison with DSP processors. More recently, BDTI has shown that a new generation of design tools that use high-level languages or programming models vastly shorten the development cycle.

Through its FPGA design services, BDTI helps companies incorporate FPGA technology into their system designs. And, BDTI helps companies identify the right FPGA for their systems through its processor selection service.

For device vendors, BDTI offers a variety of services, including competitive analysis and benchmarking.

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