BDTI Technical Competencies: Audio

BDTI has deep knowledge and experience in digital audio processing. Our engineering team has tackled audio compression and decompression, enhancement (including noise suppression, echo cancellation, and equalization), and audio effects (including time stretching, pitch shifting, and panning).  We have developed proprietary audio codecs, implemented and optimized standards-based codecs, and created custom software for audio effects.

Through our software development and optimization consulting services, BDTI engineers can provide:

  • Optimization of your existing software
  • Custom algorithm development
  • Integration and testing of software modules


Example audio processing projects include:

  • For an algorithm provider, porting and optimization of proprietary audio codec onto an ARM-based embedded processor
  • For a processor IP vendor, architectural tuning of an existing processor for application-specific audio processing
  • For an algorithm provider, porting and optimization of audio processing applications onto the Qualcomm QDSP6 “Hexagon” DSP processor

Call BDTI at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web to learn how BDTI can help with your audio processing needs.  All inquiries are confidential.