Overview of BDTI Business Consulting Services

Strategic analysisThe same skills and experience that make BDTI highly sought after for technical analysis make BDTI an excellent source of business advice. BDTI leverages its uniquely broad market perspective, its customer-centric focus, its competitive assessment of technologies, and its understanding of processing architectures and trends to help companies at multiple levels of planning and decision-making:

  • Technology strategy. BDTI helps companies determine their business, marketing, or technology strategy. If you are asking a question such as, “We are considering entering a new market.  How differentiated will our strategy be?” then BDTI's StrategyForge consulting service is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Product design and review. BDTI helps companies design and strengthen product plans. If you are asking, “We are planning our next product. How will its features and benefits truly stack up against the competition? Will our key differentiators be defensible?” then BDTI's ProductCrucible service is for you.
  • Messaging. BDTI helps companies develop robust, credible marketing positioning and messaging. If you are asking, ““We launch in 30 days. Will our marketing messages resonate with customers?  What are our best points of differentiation?  Are we getting the message across?” then take advantage of BDTI's SoundingBoard service today.
  • Competitive analysis. BDTI helps companies understand the competitive landscape in embedded processing.  If you're asking questions like "How does our new processor stack up against the competition?" then a BDTI Competitive Analysis is the answer.
  • Communicating product usability.  Have a breakthrough new processor, tool, or development kit?  Need to convince your customers that it actually works?  A BDTI-branded Custom Report helps you credibly communicate your value proposition to even the most cynical of customers.
  • Patent Litigation Support. BDTI helps both plaintiffs and defendants with patent litigation support, including prior art searches and invalidity contention claims.
  • Technical Due Diligence. Considering an investment or acquisition?  BDTI can quickly turn around technical due diligence on your investment target.

Call BDTI at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web to learn how BDTI can help with your business challenges.  All inquiries are confidential.