Overview of BDTI Benchmark Products and Services

BDTI is the trusted source for embedded processing benchmarks.  Whether you’re choosing a processor for your embedded application and want to pick the right one, designing a new processor and need to know how it stacks up against the competition, or are selling a processor and need to credibly communicate its performance to your customers, BDTI’s benchmarks are the answer.  They are recognized world wide by processor vendors and customers alike as the credible, unbiased, fact-based way to evaluate and communicate embedded processor performance.

Which BDTI benchmarking product is right for you depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.  So let’s talk about what you need to get done:

You’re choosing a processor for an embedded application and need to make the right choice

Learn about Choosing an Embedded Processor Using BDTI Benchmarks


You’re developing a new processor and need to make sure it performs on signal processing tasks

Learn about Designing an Embedded Processor Using BDTI Benchmarks


You’ve designed a processor and need to credibly communicate its performance to your customers

Learn about Communicating Embedded Processor Performance Using BDTI Benchmarks


You need competitive intelligence on the performance of competing embedded processors

Learn about BDTI’s Benchmark Information Service


You need to understand the performance of high-level synthesis tools for FPGAs

Learn about the BDTI High Level Synthesis Tool Certification Program


You need to understand how your mobile device stacks up

Learn about the Certimo™ rating system for mobile devices

You can also head directly to our List of BDTI Benchmarks for a brief description of each BDTI Benchmark.

BDTI has benchmarked more than 100 processors since we introduced our first benchmark suite in 1994.  It’s no wonder that our benchmarks have been licensed by the majority of the top 20 semiconductor vendors. Call us at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web to discuss your particular needs and how BDTI benchmarks can help. All inquiries are confidential.