About BDTI

Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. (BDTI) is the most trusted source of analysis, advice, and engineering for embedded processor technology and applications. BDTI helps clients ranging from semiconductor suppliers to system designers make better decisions, reduce risk, and get better products to market, faster. For more than 20 years BDTI has been a trusted industry resource for:

  • Independent benchmarking and competitive analysis
  • Advice on creating credible, compelling marketing
  • Guidance for confident technology and business decisions
  • Expert product development advice

BDTI was founded in 1991 as an extension of the founders’ work in developing DSP design tools, methodologies, and architectures at the University of California at Berkeley. In the years since its inception, BDTI has continued to expand both its engineering and management staff by hiring a diverse and talented group of DSP specialists. BDTI’s customers include major semiconductor, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and design tool companies who are leaders in the application of DSP technology.

BDTI Products and Services

Processor Benchmarking and Analysis

Benchmarks from BDTI are a trusted, independent means to measure and compare the performance of processing architectures on signal processing applications. BDTI provides the BDTI DSP Kernel Benchmarks™, a suite of DSP building blocks, and also several suites of application-oriented benchmarks: the BDTI OFDM Receiver Benchmark™, the BDTI Video Encoder and Decoder Benchmarks™, the BDTI Video Kernel Benchmarks™, the BDTI H.264 Decoder Benchmark™, the DQPSK Receiver Benchmark™, and the Optical Flow Benchmark™. The application-oriented benchmark suites represent key signal processing applications. BDTI licenses its benchmark suites for vendor use and can also implement the benchmarks if needed.

BDTI’s benchmark suites have been implemented on a wide range of DSPs, general-purpose processors, and FPGAs. Nearly all mainstream processors used in signal processing applications today have been benchmarked with the BDTI DSP Kernel Benchmarks.

Beyond the benchmark results, BDTI analyzes processors and FPGAs to provide invaluable perspective and insight. BDTI’s rigorous, in-depth evaluations identify competitive strengths and weaknesses, and serve the needs of both engineering and marketing.

Engineering and Business Consulting Services

BDTI serves technology developers, users, marketers, and investors with guidance for critical decisions. BDTI’s expertise in signal processing technology, coupled with its industry knowledge and perspective, enables it to help clients make confident choices.

BDTI provides consulting services to support decision-making in product design, technology strategy, marketing programs and materials, corporate strategy, and investment. BDTI carries out its consulting engagements in strict confidentiality.

Key Staff Members

Jeff BierJeff Bier is a founder and President of BDTI. Mr. Bier has extensive experience in software, hardware, and design tool development for digital signal processing. He is editor and contributor to BDTI’s monthly newsletter, Inside DSP, as well as a regular contributor of the column, "Impulse Response," in EE Times. He is a recognized industry expert, frequently presenting seminars and talks on digital signal processing applications and on technologies targeting those applications—including processors, programmable logic devices, tools, and algorithms. Mr. Bier has held technical and management positions with Acuson Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Labs, Quinn & Feiner, and U.C. Berkeley. Mr. Bier has developed novel multiprocessor DSP architectures and made significant contributions to the U.C. Berkeley Gabriel DSP design project (a high-level design environment for DSP). Mr. Bier received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Princeton University and U.C. Berkeley.


Edward LeeEdward A. Lee is a Senior Technical Adviser and founder of BDTI. Dr. Lee is the Robert S. Pepper Distinguished Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at U.C. Berkeley and is a Fellow of the IEEE. His DSP involvement began at Bell Telephone Labs with extensive work in programmable DSPs and exploratory work with modems and simultaneous voice and data transmission. His research interests center on design, modeling, and simulation of embedded, real-time computational systems. He is a director of CHESS, the Berkeley Center for Hybrid and Embedded Software Systems, and is the director of the Berkeley Ptolemy project. He is co-author of five books and numerous papers. Dr. Lee’s degrees are from Yale, M.I.T., and U.C. Berkeley.



Jeremy GiddingsJeremy Giddings is Director of Business Development at BDTI. Mr. Giddings has held positions in marketing and sales, strategic business development, and project management in the telecom and software industries. His particular expertise is in contract services and technology licensing. Mr. Giddings received his B.A. degree from the State University of New York and A.M. and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard University.