Computer Vision

Computer Vision—the processing and extraction of meaning from image and video data—is a key emerging technology for a wide range of applications, including security, medical, industrial, military/aerospace, and automotive. It even finds its way into consumer products in the form of gesture control for video gaming. We expect to see significant advances in gesture control interface development in the coming years. In a field that has a relatively short history, BDTI has deep experience in the use of computer vision technology.

BDTI’s engineers have helped companies:

  • Design processing architectures for embedded vision applications
  • Implement applications for automotive driver assistance
  • Design and implement algorithms for industrial control

If you are a processor vendor, BDTI can help you deliver computer vision technology to your customers. Through BDTI’s consulting services in product development, your company can strengthen your offerings or develop capabilities to draw new customers. This can take the form of demo systems or reference designs.  We can also work directly with your customers to bring end-products to market.  Additionally, BDTI can develop solid, credible evidence of your company’s technology through reliable, independent benchmarks.

If you are an algorithm developer, BDTI can deliver highly optimized implementations for any number of processing platforms. Our knowledge and experience with a wide range of processing architectures enable us to deliver highly compact, efficient code that will highlight your technology and give your customers a springboard for their products.

Some of the projects we have successfully completed for our customers include:

  • For a major semiconductor company we prototyped computer-vision-based pedestrian detection and road sign recognition algorithms for automotive applications using both FPGA and processor technology.
  • For a scientific equipment company we developed a mathematical model for a vision-based feedback control system, improving throughput and shaving weeks off the company’s development time.
  • For a consumer electronics company we created a real-time FPGA-based prototype of a proprietary video display enhancement algorithm.

Call BDTI at +1 925 954 1411 or contact us via the web to discuss how BDTI can help with your embedded vision project.  All inquiries are confidential.