FPGA Design Services

Maybe your next processor should be . . . an FPGA?

Maybe. FPGAs are extremely cost-effective solutions for many embedded applications. Recent BDTI studies show that FPGAs can provide as much as 100x the performance of a DSP in demanding, highly parallelizable applications.

It’s no surprise then that FPGAs are being used as processing engines in an expanding range of applications, from high-end, computationally and data-intensive applications to mass-market consumer products. From high-end applications such as communications infrastructure and medical imaging to consumer electronics products for personal navigation, digital cameras, digital displays, and the like.

Not sure if an FPGA is right for your product? Not a problem. BDTI will study your application and quickly give you a reliable answer. BDTI’s reputation is built on careful, exacting analysis. Six of the top ten semiconductor manufacturers rely on us for solid, independent analysis of their products. Why shouldn’t you? Our goal is to make sure you select the right processing platform for your product—that’s what we do!

Once you've decided to use an FPGA, you need to design your system on time and on budget. BDTI will dedicate itself to seeing that you meet your time-to-market and performance goals, by leveraging:

  • Application knowledge. BDTI has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with a wide range of applications. From cellular baseband processing to consumer audio, BDTI can apply its know-how to your application.
  • Algorithm expertise. BDTI has deep expertise in algorithm theory and implementation. BDTI engineers can analyze and adapt your algorithm to enable an ultra-efficient implementation.
  • Tools. BDTI has experience with traditional RTL methodology as well as the new generation of high-level synthesis tools. BDTI will use the best approach for your application to deliver the implementation you need quickly, with a minimum of risk.

The result? A high quality design. Faster. With less risk.

To discuss your project, contact BDTI by phone at +1 925 954 1411 or via the web.