Certimo™ — Independent Evaluation of Mobile Devices

Certimo™ is the first certified rating system for mobile devices that accurately reflects consumer experience. The first generation of Certimo ratings supports Android smartphones sold in China. The methodology may be used to evaluate mobile devices for other regions and other device types.


Certimo ratings enable mobile device purchasers to choose a smartphone with confidence. With Certimo, consumers have a trustworthy way to evaluate different vendors’ smartphones through standardized measurements—including application performance, web browsing, messaging, multimedia, infotainment, display quality, and battery life—all based on real-world operating conditions and use cases. All Certimo results are laboratory-certified before public release.

Developed by BDTI, Certimo addresses an important gap in the mobile device marketplace. Leveraging its 20-plus-year history in benchmarking, BDTI manages the process to verify and certify results. Certimo results include an overall score for each mobile device, as well as key individual user experience ratings. This detail provides prospective buyers with trustworthy and in-depth insights into each device’s capabilities to help in their purchasing decision.

Certimo Ratings

See Certimo ratings for 60 mobile phones available on the China market in 2014 and 2015.

More Information

To learn more about Certimo, contact BDTI.